Film of the Day: Deadpool


Deadpool is a deliciously perverse anti-hero actioner that will be manna for anyone who is tired of being fed generic DC/Marvel franchise pictures. This is a clever, irreverent and foul-mouthed thrill of a picture, featuring Ryan Reynolds as the titular lead, which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Well, how could it?

Much of the humour comes from Reynolds’ dialogue to his onscreen compadres and the lines he directs straight to the audience. Don’t worry too much about the plot as it plays second fiddle to the action and laughs. In short, Wade (Reynolds) is hired muscle until he’s diagnosed with terminal cancer, and agrees to be the human guinea pig in a shady experiment that holds his only hope of a cure. Unfortunately, for him, the procedure leaves him horribly disfigured and in need of a head-to-toe red leather superhero costume. Fortunately, for us, it bestows on him superhuman abilities and a thirst for vengeance which he puts to good use as he dispatches all those who wrecked his life. 

Aside from its choreography, deadpan put-downs and humour, Deadpool had to be Tuesday’s  Film of the Day due to its random scheduling on Sky Movies Christmas Channel – this film is about as far as you can get from a family-friendly seasonal movie, but it is just too damn good to miss.   

Deadpool 6.05pm on Sky Movies Christmas Channel