Film of the day: Detroit


Kathryn Bigelow makes it three awards contenders in a row with this unflinching account of police brutality in 1967 Detroit.

Riots sparked by the raid of a speakeasy, plus the disastrously heavy-handed response from the authorities, are threatening to tear the city apart, and amid the chaos and confusion trigger-happy cop Philip Krauss (Will Poulter) and his uniformed brutes descend on the Algiers Motel.

As they search for an alleged sniper Bigelow’s film shifts towards survival horror territory, with guests – including R&B singer Cleveland Larry Reed (Algee Smith) and Vietnam veteran Robert Greene (Anthony Mackie) – lined up and ordered to confess.

Attempting to limit the bloodshed is level-headed local security guard Melvin Dismukes (the excellent John Boyega).

Detroit – from Monday 8 January in Sky Store