Film of the day: Doghouse

Doghouse - Danny Dyer, Lee Ingelby, Noel Clarke,

If you can see past the lame acting (and park judgement on the ever present misogyny), this British horror comedy is worth rounding off the day with.

Danny Dyer (never getting close to a BAFTA with this one) plays his usual Mockney geezer-type loud mouth who drags his pals on a ‘boys only’ drinking session to escape the crushing reality of midlife responsibility.

It’s all cheery, beery fun for the chaps until they discover the village has a dark secret – its female residents have been infected with a virus that has turned them into man-hating, man-eating cannibals.

It is pretty standard Shaun of the Dead-type stuff but it does have a sly humour courtesy of Dan Schaffer’s script – and for that it worth a view.

Doghouse – Tuesday at 10.00pm on Horror Channel.