Film of the day: Dunkirk


The gripping, gruelling war epic – perhaps director Christopher Nolan’s finest film yet – arrives in Sky Store.

An exhausting, often overwhelming experience, Dunkirk is essentially a single, ever-intensifying set-piece that plunges you into the nightmarish chaos of the Dunkirk evacuation.

It’s May 1940, eight months into World War II, and 400,000 British troops find themselves stranded and helpless on the shores of northern France. The safety and security of home lies just across the water, but with the advancing German forces almost at their backs they’re desperate and almost broken – sitting ducks praying for deliverance.

Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy star alongside newcomer Fionn Whitehead.

Film of the day: Dunkirk – available in Sky Store from Monday 18 December.

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