Film of the Day: Eddie The Eagle (2016)

Eddie The Eagle
Taron Egerton captures the innocence and determination of this true character with characteristic flair. Photo: Lionsgate

Taron Egerton stars in director Dexter Fletcher’s semi-biographical comedy charting the life of Michael Edwards, AKA Eddie the Eagle.

Edwards was the first ski jumper to represent Britain at the Olympics since 1929, and his rise to international fame is one of the most endearing underdog stories in modern sporting history.

In 1973, 10-year-old Eddie (Tom Costello), who can’t walk without knee braces, fantasises about being an Olympian, to the displeasure of his plasterer dad (Keith Allen), who’s trying to rein in Eddie’s pipe-dreams and give the lad a solid career in plastering instead.

Then the aged former champion Bronson Perry (Hugh Jackman) reluctantly mentors Eddie enough to at least guarantee that he can land without breaking his legs. But is Eddie really ready for the Calgary Games of 1988?


Eddie The Eagle – Saturday at 4.45pm on Film4