Film of the Day – Fences


Denzel Washington stars and directs in 2016’s award-winning American period-drama, Fences. Taking up main roles in the film are Viola Davis, Jovan Adepo and Steven McKinley Henderson who become Rose, Cory and Jim Bono respectively.

The film is set in 1950s Pittsburgh and follows the life of Troy Maxson – a garbage disposal man with a troubled past and a family relying on him. The story elaborates on the man’s past; he was beaten by an abusive father until he finally snapped and left at 14, living off the back of a life of crime. Troy is revealed to have dreamt of having a career in Major League Baseball and came close to realising it but ultimately failed in his pursuit of his goals. In the present day, Troy’s family life bears down on him, whether from his son seemingly repeating his own mistakes, his brother, Gabriel’s, ill mental health or his relationship from his wife Rose. The film tells a story of discrimination, family drama and emotional trauma.


Fences – Tuesday 8:00pm on Sky Cinema (Select).