Film of the Day – Ferdinand (2017)


Based on the 1938 story of the same name, Ferdinand (2017) tells the story of a gentle young bull who escapes his pen in a Spanish bullfighting arena after his father fails to return from his stand-off with a renowned matador. John Cena takes the lead role as the flower-loving pacifist bull, Ferdinand, while Peyton Manning, Kate McKinnon and Gina Rodriguez all feature elsewhere in major roles.

After escaping a brutally-natured training camp in rural Spain – which he had been home to him since birth – after his father fails to return from a showdown with a matador, a young peace-loving bull named Ferdinand (Cena) finds himself on the run and in search of a new home. He is taken in by a farmer’s family but is eventually recaptured by his former owner, a man called Moreno, and is subsequently taken back to the training pens before an acclaimed matador, El Primero, who happens by in his quest to find the biggest, most aggressive bull to fight in a trophy match. As the bulls at the pen start going missing one by one, the unlikely band of bovine brothers – also accompanied the mad goat, Lupe (McKinnon), and a triplet of hedgehogs – must either escape their bindings before the fight or find a way to help Ferdinand, the fun-loving pacifist, beat one of the most decorated matadors in Spain.


Ferdinand (2017) – Available on Sky Store as of Monday 16th of April.