Film of the Day – Fist Fight

Fist Fight

It’s back to high school for this 2016 comedy starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day as two secondary school teachers, Strickland and Campbell respectively, who find themselves at loggerheads after the latter inadvertently costs the former his job at the school. Also featured amongst the cast are Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris, Christina Hendricks and Tracy Morgan.

Andy Campbell is a nerdy English teacher at Roosevelt High School, Atlanta, who lacks assertiveness and the confidence to enforce his rules. Ron Strickland is the polar opposite and seems to be the only teacher amongst the school’s faculty who is able to control his student – albeit through his hot-headed, intimidating and often violent approach to discipline. After finding out about plans to cut costs by laying off a number of school staff members and fearing he will not be able to provide for his pregnant wife if he is fired, Campbell’s loose lips over one of Strickman’s outbursts causes the history teacher to be made unemployed. In retaliation for his seeming betrayal, an enraged Strickman challenges the unimposing English teacher to a fist-fight behind the school once the day is over. As Campbell panics, he resorts to a number of unorthodox methods to get out of the fight, leaving only chaos in his wake.


Fist Fight – Tuesday 7:25pm on Sky Cinema (Hits).