Film of the Day: Four Hours at the Capitol

Four Hours at the Capitol
The Capitol building looms large as an undefeatable symbol of democracy, but only only a few anti-democracy protestors bested it. Photo: BBC

A journey into the thick of January’s storming of the US Capitol, featuring exclusive footage and interviews with the people at the heart of the action, many of whom are speaking publicly for the first time.

In this immersive, character-driven account, protesters, rioters, police officers and members of the US Congress and Senate recount their experiences in startling detail.

Frontline police officers reveal how they engaged in bloody hand-to-hand combat with thousands of rioters armed with tasers, sledgehammers, baseball bats and knives, while some from among the rioters explain how they broke through the police lines.

Four Hours at the Capitol – Wednesday at 9pm on BBC Two