Film of the Day – Game Night

Game Night

Rachel Mcadams and Jason Bateman – along with support from the likes of Sharon Horan, Billy Magnussen and Lamorne Morris – come together in an comedy-adventure which sees a traditional game night between friends descend into a chaotic real life crime thriller after one of the participants is kidnapped and held to ransom. Jesse Plemons, KyleChandler and Kylie Bunbury also star.

For competitive gamers and romantic partners, Max and Annie, the weekend’s game night with their is meant ot be a routine part of their otherwise boring lives. Joined by their married friends Kevin and Michelle, as well as their other friend Ryan and his new date Sarah, the two gamers are put through the ringer by Max’s successful brother, Brooks, who reveals he has planned a city-wide mystery game in which the winner will recieve the keys to his brand-new Corvette Stingray. Tired of being consistently shown up by his brother and irritated by his obnoxious arrogance, Max and Annie set about the game, determined to win by any means necessary in order to beat Brooks at his own game. However things take an unexpected turn when Brooks is kidnapped and held to ransom, leading the group of competitors to join forces in order to save their helpless friend from a mysterious antagonist known only as “The Bulgarian”.


Game Night – Available on Sky Store as of Monday 2nd of July.