Film of the Day – Ghostbusters (2016)


Classic Hollywood franchise, The Ghostbusters, gets a makeover with 2016’s modern take on the iconic film series. The reboot features an all female ensemble including Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones as well as minor appearances from Chris Hemsworth, Sigourney Weaver and the cast of the original films.

Thirty years after the original Ghostbusters saved New York City from a paranormal crisis, ghosts and apparitions are beginning to make far more common appearance across the city. Paranormal investigator Abby Yates (McCarthy) asks her old research partners Erin Gilbert and Jillian Holtzman to investigate a ghost sighting in downtown New York. While investigating, the group rediscover their belief in the paranormal and form a new branch of the eponymous Ghostbusters. After discovering that somebody is intentionally heightening paranormal activity across the cities “Ley Lines” the newly founded team must race against time if they are to avert disaster and save New York City.


Ghostbusters (2016) – Wednesday 6:50pm on Sky Cinema (Sci-Fi and Horror).