Film of the Day: Gifted (2017)

Chris Evans and McKenna Grace meet a kitten on the beach. Photo: Fox Searchlight

Chris Evans, McKenna Grace and Lindsay Duncan star in director Mark Webb’s drama about a seven-year-old maths prodigy who becomes the centre of a custody battle between her uncle and grandmother. 

After her mother’s suicide, Mary (Grace) goes to live with her uncle Frank (Evans), where she is content, if unchallenged. But then her estranged grandmother, Evelyn (Duncan), arrives wanting custody for the sole purpose of sending Mary to a school for gifted children, so that Mary can devote her life to mathematics, just as Evelyn had planned for her late daughter. 

A court battle ensues, with a little girl caught between opposing views of what’s for the best – a regular childhood or being driven to become exceptional. It is a fantastic exploration of childhood and quest for independence.


Gifted – Tuesday at 6.55pm on Film4