Film of the Day – Gifted (2017)


Set against the backdrop of a small town in Tampa, Florida, Gifted tells the story of an intellectually extraordinary 7 year-old girl; Mary Adler. Relative newcomer Mckenna Grace takes up the lead role of the gifted 7 year-old prodigy and is supported by a star-studded cast including Marvel’s Chris Evans, Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer and Lindsay Duncan.

Gifted provides an insight into the boiling pot of expectations, family dramas which forms around 7 year-old child prodigy Mary Adler. Living with her uncle and de facto guardian Mark (Evans), Mary enrols in first grade at a local school where she soon impresses her teacher Miss Stevenson (Jenny Slate) with her frankly extraordinary intellectual ability which leads to Mary being offered a scholarship at a top private school for the gifted. Mark finds himself at loggerheads with his estranged mother, Evelyn, over Mary’s future, with the former arguing that private tutelage and a lack of a normal childhood destroyed his sister, Dianne – a gifted mathematician who incidentally is actually Mary’s biological mother as well. As she is sucked into the crossfire of a drawn out legal battle, it soon appears to Mary that her gifts come with the curse of pressure and expectations.

Gifted (2017) – Available on Sky Cinema On Demand as of Monday 23rd of March.