Film of the Day – Good Time (2017)

Good Time

The Twilight series’ Robert Pattinson stars alongside Jennifer Jason Leigh, Benny Safdie and Buddy Durress in the 2017 Crime-Thriller; Good Time. The film, directed by brothers Benny and John Safdie, focuses around the criminal exploits of Constantine “Connie” Nikas after a bank heist involving him and his developmentally disabled brother, Nick, goes badly.

After forcibly taking his brother, Nick (Safdie), out of his special-educational therapy, Constantine Nikas (Pattinson) – better known as Connie – undertakes a bank robbery, managing to make off with $65,000. Despite making a seemingly clean getaway, the heist goes awry after a dye pack in one of the money bags explodes, causing the getaway driver to crash. Panicked and hysterical, Nick runs but is captured by police as he tries to escape while Connie manages to evade them. Knowing that Nick won’t be able to handle prison, Connie embarks on a twisted odyssey as he attempts to raise enough money to pay his brother’s bail money but with one wrong move after another he, and his new ex-con ally Ray (Durress), find themselves wanted by criminals and police alike.


Good Time (2017) – Available on Sky Store as of Sunday 8th of April.