Film of the Day: Hampstead (2018)

Diane Keaton, Brendan Gleeson and James Norton in Hampstead. Photo: Entertainment One

Joel Hopkin’s presents this romantic comedy-drama based on a true story, and starring the screen royalty faces of Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson. Keaton is Emily, an American widow and vintage clothes merchant, and Gleeson is Donald, who lives in a scruffy shack on Hampstead Heath. 

Emily can’t bring herself to trust the bearded eccentric on the heath, and steers clear of him, but gradually the two of them form a friendship, and then romance is in the cards. 

Property developers, eager to make a quick buck (or million), are waiting for any opportunity to snatch up Donald’s corner of Hampstead Heath. Will squatter’s rights be enough to ward them off and allow him to live his way for the future?

Also starring Lesley Manville as Emily’s rival; James Norton as her son; and Simon Callow as the judge who presides over the climactic court case.

Hampstead – Thursday at 6.50pm on Film4