Film of the Day – Happy Birthday Toby Simpson


Alexander Perkins stars alongside Edyta Budnik, Zara Day and Gary Heasman in this 2017 rom-com. Although it was shot on a fairly low budget in comparison to a lot of modern blockbuster, and the director and producer, Patrick Makin, was making his debut in such a role at the time of filming, Happy Birthday Toby Simpson is able to stand toe to toe with some of its big-buck counterparts and largely come out on top.

Toby Simpson (Perkins) is a straight-laced, law abiding office worker who is being slowly dragged under by his live; his boss (Heasman) is delusional, his girlfriend (Day) is paranoid and his father pushes and pressure him into things he doesn’t want. After having a bad day to start with, Toby – while passing by a local music festival on his way home – has his belongings stolen by a purple-hatted man who then disappears into the amorphous body of drugged-up festival goers. Deciding to liberate himself from his mundane life, and fearing his girlfriend’s reaction to the fact that he’s lost his all of his money, Toby joins Renata (Budnik) and heads into the festival to find his stolen belongings but ends finding a whole world of new possibilities instead.


Happy Birthday Toby Simpson – Tuesday 11:35pm on Sky Premiere.