Film of the Day – Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day

Leading lady Jessica Rothe has a major case of déjà-vu in this 2017 slasher as her character, Theresa “Tree” Gelbman, is forced to relive her death over and over until she successfully manages to solve her own murder and prevent it. Also listed in the cast are Rob Mello, Ruby Modine and Israel Broussard.

Its blissfully egocentric college student Tree Gelbman’s birthday and she wakes up in another student, Carter’s, bed. Everything seems to be going great for Tree until a brutal attack orchestrated by an unknown antagonist wearing the campus mascot’s face leaves her dying in a tunnel just outside of the campus. But death doesn’t come for Tree and instead she wakes up unharmed in the same bed she had before. Bemused by this shocking turn of events, Tree realises she’s living in a loop and deduces she must solve her own murder in order to break free.


Happy Death Day – Friday 8:00pm on Sky Premier.