Film of the day: High Rise

Tom Hiddleston in High Rise

This dystopian drama concludes FilmFour’s Ben Wheatley season. Tom Hiddleston plays Dr Robert Laing who has recently moved into a massive new tower block at the edge of London. The professional classes have flocked to buy apartments in the highly desirable modern development. Initially, they enjoy an idyllic lifestyle, but problems with the building’s infrastructure cause a stratification of its occupants along lines of class and income.

As problems with the power supply and rubbish disposal worsen, the residents respond with wild bacchanalian parties and frenzied sexual promiscuity. But when the police take no interest in a suicide, all pretence of civility is abandoned and the inhabitants turn on each other with increasingly cruel savagery. Based on a novel by JG Ballard.

With Sienna Miller as Laing’s lover Charlotte; Luke Evans as TV documentary-maker Wilder and Elisabeth Moss as his pregnant wife Helen; and Jeremy Irons as the building’s architect Anthony Royal and Keeley Hawes as his aloof wife Ann.

High Rise – Wednesday 9.00pm on FilmFour.

Photo: Aidan Monaghan