Film of the Day: Horns

Daniel Radcliffe in Horns

Horns? Yes, that’s right, it’s that Harry Potter kid grown up playing an antihero/antichrist with the power to compel people to reveal their darkest desires and the very worst of what they are thinking and feeling.

Daniel Radcliffe plays Ignatius (Ig) Perrish, a man whose life has imploded. His beautiful ex-girlfriend Merrin was found brutally murdered the day after they split up and everyone is convinced that the hard-drinking Ig did it. Even after he’s been cleared of the killing in court. Sick of being shunned by the community, he denounces God, only to wake the next day to find goat-like horns growing out of his head.

Alexandre Aja’s darkly comic, gory horror-thriller, based on a novel by Joe Hill, is an oddball mix of violence, bloody drama and black comedy. It’s a mix that doesn’t work all of the time but the story and the performance of Radcliffe are more than enough to paper over the few cracks in this very interesting film.

Horns Monday 9.00pm Film4


Photo by Doane Gregory – © 2014