Film of the Day – Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West

A sort-of reimagining of Single White Female in a 21st century context, Matt Spicer’s 2017 drama-comedy, Ingrid Goes West tells the story of a thirty-something year-old stalker who uses social networking and smart phones to obsess over and eventually track down her Instagram idol, a young LA socialite named Taylor Sloane. The film, set in modern America, stars Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen and Wyatt Russell.

After a series of unfortunate incidents leads mentally-unstable Ingrid Thorburn’s life into a rut, she decides to escape her bleak existence by tracking down her Instagram idol, Taylor Sloane, in California and befriending her. Ingrid secretly manipulates her way into Taylor’s life and the two women quickly form a bond but calamity ensues when the superficialities of their friendship begin to shine through and their facades begin to fall away.

Ingrid Goes West – Tuesday 10:00pm on Sky Premiere.