Film of the Day: Instant Family (2018)

Instant Family
Wahlberg and Byrne are a comedy double act in this hectic family film. Photo: Paramount

Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne star as a middle-aged couple looking into fostering. They quickly find three kids and suddenly their immaculate home becomes a playground.

Writer/director Sean Anders’ (Daddy’s Home) adoption comedy is about Ellie (Byrne) and Pete (Wahlberg) who are renovating a large five-bedroom house when a neighbour asks what they’re going to do with all the space, given that they’re clearly not going to have kids.

Before they know it, they are at a foster agency. Then they’re at the Foster Fair where all the kids without parents roam a field hoping to find a home. Then Ellie and Pete meet Lizzie (Isabela Moner), a teenager who, it turns out, comes with two siblings, Juan (Gustavo Quiroz) and Lita (Julianna Gamiz).

The film is based on Anders’ personal experience of adopting three children out of the foster care system with his wife, Beth.


Instant Family – Friday at 9pm on Film4