Film of the Day: It Follows

It Follows - Maika Monroe

Teenagers are prone to unwanted post-coital ‘inconveniences’ – but this spectral horror from David Robert Mitchell presents one STI you seriously need to avoid.

It starts off like a million other teen movies, with Jay (Maika Monroe) a carefree 19-year-old who goes on a date with a guy called Hugh (Jake Weary). If she was a sensible girl, she would have been on her toes as soon as Hugh starts acting all antsy in the theatre – pointing out invisible people is never an endearing first date quality – but she doesn’t. So, it should come as no surprise that having had sex in his car, she is chloroformed and awakens tied to a chair in her bra and knickers – well at least she had the common sense to put them back on.

Hugh, being the sensitive soul that he is, then proceeds to explain the detail of the deadly, and unique, STI that she now has to live with – or pass on to someone else.

This is a far from conventional teen/slasher horror from Mitchell, it has a dreamlike (nightmarish) quality which feeds the atmosphere and the theme of the pursuing malevolent spirit perfectly. The score (Rich Vreeland) and excellent widescreen compositions of dilapidated Detroit (Mike Gioulakis) both help gloss over what is a fairly lame script (it is a horror movie, after all) and deliver an inventive variation on The Ring-type curse movie.

It Follows – Monday 9.00pm on FilmFour