Film of the day: Jack Reacher – Never Go Back

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Lee Child’s bone-crunching anti-hero gets his second outing on the big screen with Tom Cruise as the eponymous Reacher, a brooding ex-military policeman who wanders from state to state like a coiled bundle of violence and retribution ready to spring on anyone who steps outside his rigid moral code.

Cruise wasn’t everyone’s favoured actor for the role of Reacher but he’s made a decent stab at it and has the necessary screen presence to convince.

When Reacher does a bit of telephone Tinder (how analogue) with the female commander (Cobie Smulders) of his former unit, he unwittingly stumbles into an arms smuggling and money laundering operation that stretches from the US to the mountains of Afghanistan.

And, as Reacher does not like wrongdoers with especial enmity for people who kidnap his latest crush, he sets out in inimitable fashion to bring the full weight of his fists down on them.
Jack Reacher – Never Go Back – from Friday at 8.00pm on Sky Cinema Premiere.