Film of the day: Jackass 3

Jackass 3

From its humble beginnings on MTV Jackass grew into a worldwide phenomenon spawning three movies and a plethora of copycat TV shows and imitators on Youtube. Here the old posse reunites for some stomach-churning stunts and some belly-aching laughs.

There is something perversely satisfying in the creativity Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Wee Man and the rest of the gang bring to the franchise – three films in they could be forgiven for delivering a tired, used-up idea – but this is a fresh and outrageous as anything that has preceded it. Viewers of a nervous disposition might want to avoid the Lamborghini Tooth Pull and Steve O’s Portaloo bungee.

Jackass 3 – Friday at 11.00pm on Comedy Central.