Film of the day: Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne

Can you imagine a Bond film without 007? Well, studio execs managed to dream up a misguided Bourne film with Bourne … and guess what? it tanked!

So, after Jeremy Renner’s misguided attempt to channel the spirit of Jason (The Bourne Legacy), we’re back on familiar ground (or unfamiliar if you happen to be the eponymous, amnesiac super soldier.

Bourne (Matt Damon) has been off the grid for nine years – earning his daily bread bare-knuckle fighting in Greece – but when a former CIA contact (Julia Styles) uncovers dark deeds within the agency she seeks out Bourne and sets him careening from one deadly confrontation to another.

Tommy Lee Jones plays the stone-eyed intelligence boss who isn’t too keen on Jason exposing the agency’s misdeeds and hires Vincent Cassel’s killer to ‘expire’ him.

Paul Greengrass returns to direct with customary verve in what is a clever, entertaining and pacy thriller that weaves in a post-truth and post-Edward Snowden landscape of super leaks and cyber crime but still can’t trump Bourne’s workaday tools of the trade – good old fashioned fisticuffs.

Jason Bourne – from Friday 8.00pm on Sky Cinema Premiere.