Film of the Day – Journeyman

Journey man

Paddy Cosidine directs and takes the lead role in his 2017 drama about an aging title-fighter who suffers an injury which threatens not only his livelihood but also his marriage and family life. As well as Cosidine, the film stars Dr Who’s Jodie Whittaker, Anthony Welsh and Tony Pitts.

Realising the strain getting older is putting on his body and more importantly his performance in the ring, professional boxer Matty Burton decides he must make enough money to be able to settle down on and get out of the game. He is beaten in his last match and has a late reaction at home the following night, putting him into a coma. As he wakes up in hospital, Matty realises the real fight has only just begun as he struggles with amnesia and a changed personality. The once-acclaimed fighter must begin to piece his life back together before his whole world collapses around him.


Journeyman – Available on Sky Store as of Monday 30th of July.