Film of the Day – Kong: Skull Island

Kong Skull Island

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts takes the helm on the latest addition to the “King Kong” franchise in this 2017 sci-fi thriller starring Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hiddleston. Also amongst the cast are John Goodman and John C. Reilly.

The year is 1973 and, after introducing us to the story of Hank Marlow (Reilly) – an American pilot during World War Two who is claimed to have been forced to land on an uncharted island out in the pacific following a vicious dogfight with a Japanese “zero” pilot. The important thing about this story, however, is not in the fighting but rather the ominously imposing shape the two downed pilot saw moving through the undergrowth. Now in 1973, Colonel Preston Pratt (Jackson) and US government official Bill Manda (Goodman) lead an operation to find the mysterious island, forebodingly named, in terribly clichéd and typically naive thriller/ horror fashion, “Skull Island.” The team, including expert tracker James Conrad (Hiddleston) and photojournalist turned pacifist Mason Weaver (Larson), undertakes an intrepid journey through the bustling undergrowth of the island, baring an uncanny resemblance to Vietnam based films such as “Apocalypse Now”. As the group journey further into the mysterious island, it becomes clear that they are desperately out of their depth and are now being hunted by the titular gargantuan ape and the island’s many other monstrous denizens.


Kong: Skull Island (2017) – Monday 9:00pm on Sky Cinema (Sci-Fi and Horror)