Film of the Day: Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)

Kubo and the Two Strings
Art Parkinson voices Kubo, and gives life to the stories he tells. Photo: Focus Features

Laika animation studios 2016 hit was Oscar-nominated and received adoration from critics and viewers alike. Set in ancient Japan, the infant Kubo has one of his eyes stolen by his grandfather, and 12 years later lives with his ailing mother Saiatu (Charlize Theron), whom he provides for through a career of storytelling.

He tells the tale of mighty samurai Hanzo (Matthew McConaughey), whose kingdom, army and family were destroyed by the evil Moon King; he roams the land seeking a magical suit of armour to take revenge. 

The trouble is, even though Kubo is telling his own family’s story, he doesn’t know how it ends. But when the tides change and a perilous adventure ensues, he might just find out.

With beautiful music, animation and storytelling, Laika studios prove that CoralineParaNorman and The Boxtrolls were not mere flukes; they are one of the finest filmmakers of the day.

118 mins

Kubo and the Two Strings – Saturday at 12.50am on Film4