Film of the Day: Last Orders (2000)

Last Orders
Caine’s buddies must fulfil his final wishes, but what will doing so reveal about their friendships? Photo: Metrodome Distribution

In this adaptation of Graham Swift’s novel, an impressive ensemble cast assembles to bring its characters to life. These famous faces include, Michael Caine, David Hemmings, Tom Courtenay, Helen Mirren, Bob Hoskins and Ray Winstone.

Director Fred Schepisi tells the story of a now-deceased butcher (Caine), whose last request was that his boozing chums take his ashes with them to be scattered off in Margate. Over the course of the journey, the friends spend time with each other away from pubs, and begin to remember the old times they have shared over the years.

There are moving flashbacks that punctuate the film, showing their friendships in the past, and how time doesn’t stop, even after you’re dead. Helen Mirren stands out as Caine’s estranged widow, who for 50 years spent her time caring for the disabled daughter he refused to even acknowledge.


Last Orders – Monday at 9pm on Film4