Film of the day: Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia

David Lean’s multi-Oscar-winning epic charting the role of the charismatic maverick TE Lawrence in the Arab uprising against occupying Turkish forces during the First World War.

Made in 1962, this sweeping masterpiece is an accomplished story that is richly jewelled with breathtaking cinematography making it one of the beautiful and best-loved films of the 20th century.

Peter O’Toole is brilliant as the idealistic, enigmatic young lieutenant Lawrence, who wrestles with his conscience over the brutal rebellion he’s helped nurture but inwardly relishes the thrill of the kill. Lawrence is iconic figure but Lean doesn’t make judgements on his reasons for helping the Arab struggle and his reasons remain ambiguous throughout.

Supported by players from the top table of British acting talent, including Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn and Jack Hawkins, as well as multinationals Claude Rains, Anthony Quinn, Arthur Kennedy, Jose Ferrer and Omar Sharif, Lawrence of Arabia is one of those films you can watch over and over and still find something new.

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