Film of the Day – Life (2017)


Jake Gyllenhall stars alongside Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson in Daniel Espinosa’s 2017 horror-thriller, Life. The film depicts the story of a 6-man ISS crew which comes across a sample of soil from mars, supposedly containing evidence of life which is awakened by the oxygen it absorbs in its new environment aboard the shuttle.

After collecting a Martian soil sample from a damaged unmanned probe, the crew of the international space station which recovered it discover that the life signs they detected in the soil belonged to a rapidly-growing parasitic organism which was originally dormant due to the lack of air in Mars’ atmosphere. Aboard the station, however, medical officer David Jordan (Gyllenhall) and biologist Hugh Denny (Ariyon Bakare) find that – because of the oxygen aboard the shuttle – the creature is no longer dormant and is now actively growing and looking for food sources. The problems go from bad to worse as they realise that in this environment, humans aren’t the apex predators anymore.


Life (2017) – Wednesday 10:15pm on Sky Cinema (Monsters).