Film of the Day – Life of Pi (2012)

life of Pi

The inspiring story of a young man’s extraordinary struggle for survival after the boat he is traveling on with his family capsizes. Based upon Yann Martel’s 2001 novel, Life of Pi stars Suraj Sharma as the eponymous young man and flips between an older Pi, played by Irfan Khan, recounting his story to Canadian novelist Yann Martel (Rafe Spall) and a visualization of the events as they happen in Pi’s mind.

The film begins in the modern day as Canadian novelist Yann Martel meets with Pi Patel, whom he’s heard has an extraordinary story which would make a good book. AS Pi recounts the story, we go back to his childhood with a young Pi being raised by a Hindu family in their family zoo, where he becomes very close with the animals. When he is 16, the family decide they are going to sell the animals and travel to Canada where they plan to settle. However, after the ship sinks and Pi is cast adrift aboard a lifeboat with only an injured zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a tiger named Richard Parker as company, the young boy finds himself on an incredible but equally perilous journey to survival.


Life of Pi (2012) – Wednesday 6:25pm on Film 4.