Film of the Day – Logan


Hugh Jackman faces his curtain call as the eponymous comic-book hero in a career as the character which has spanned 17 years and 9 films. Logan, directed by James Mangold, also stars Sir Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant and Richard E. Grant.

The begins by telling us that no mutants have been born for 25 years and that their kind are slowly dying out. Ailing from a defect in the serum which gave him his powers, Logan (Jackman) bides his time in an abandonned smeltery in North Mexico, caring for Charles  (Stewart) – a telepath and  the founder of the X-men – who is suffering from a brain disease which causes him to have violent seizures. Despite his best efforts to remain hidden from the human world, a woman and a child find them, begging to be given safe passage to a mutant safe haven in North Dakotaa which they call Eden. After they find the older woman killed and an anti-mutant corporation on their trail, Logan is forced into donning the mantle of Wolverine one last time to save his new mutant and to keep the last of the mutants alive lest they are stamped out of existence all together.


Logan (2017) – Saturday 9:00pm on Sky Cinema (Hits).