Film of the day: Logan


Forget the X-Men franchise and the nonsense tales that Wolverine went along with, this is a far more nuanced and thoughtful story that is a fitting end piece to Hugh Jackman’s time as the life-scarred and misunderstood mutant.

By the late 2020s, mutants have been eradicated and Logan (Jackman), aimless and eeking out a living as a driver, is laying low on an apocalytic-looking Mexican border caring for his ailing mentor Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) … until they are discovered!

Logan is like the nightmare dystopian outcome some imagine might come from successive Trump administrations (taken to the very extreme) – multinational corporations hold sway over countries and if you get in their way, you’re going to get squashed. When a woman begs the Logan and Xavier to escort her daughter to Canada to a fabled mutant safe haven, they see it as a chance of redemption – unaware that she is the product of a secret weapons programme and her owners will stop at nothing to get her back.

In short, Logan finally shakes off the fanboy silliness and deliver a super-violent but at the same time tender road trip in the company of Jackman and Stewart.

Film of the day: Logan – Friday 5 January at 8.00pm on Sky Cinema Premiere.