Film of the day: Logan’s Run

Logan's Run starring Michael York

It’s a bit dated, so what? This prescient vision of a post-apocalyptic utopian dystopia in which young people live their lives in a state of hollow pleasures and blinkered naivety right up to the point they reach their 30th birthday. Then with much pomp and ceremony, they are sent to the Carousel for ‘renewal’ – only renewal means death. This is a society of limited food and material resources, which in order to maintain the quality of life they’ve grown accustomed to must find a means of balancing its population.

The execution of the film, by modern standards, is clumsy but the message is a frightening portent of how attitudes to older people can be programmed … for the greater good!

Jenny Agutter and Michael Yorke play two people approaching ‘renewal’ who discover the grisly truth behind the ritual and try to escape to a fabled dissident community known as Sanctuary.

Logan’s Run Wednesday 9.00pm on Sci-Fi.