Film of the day: Looper

Bruce Willis in Looper

Looper is a sci-fi cum hitman thriller with time travel and an element of the paranormal mixed in to boot.

Bruce Willis stars as a grizzled assassin (or Looper) called Joe. His is a violent life of murder and violence in which he is doomed to suffer the same fate of hose he has killed – closing the loop.

Joe, though, has other ideas and tries to make a run for it in an attempt to avoid receiving a bullet from his younger self. Confused yet?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the younger Joe, living 30-years earlier and, as yet, unconcerned moral conflicts about the type of work he does – until old Joe shows up for execution via a time portal and all hell breaks loose.

From here on in the meat of the story develops with Emily Blunt as a single mother living on an isolated farm with her disturbed telepath son who will hold the fate of many in his hands in future years.

Looper – Wednesday from 9.00pm on TCM.