Film of the day: Lore


Thought-provoking drama about a group of children cast adrift in the chaos of post-war Germany. With Adolf Hitler dead and the war over, surviving Nazis melt into the millions of displaced people and attempt to hide their past.

For Lore Dressler (Saskia Rosendahl) this means a family in turmoil: her parents are prominent Nazis and their attempts to evade the occupying Allies see her and her four siblings abandoned in the Black Forest. Taking responsibility, Lore decides to lead the younger children to their grandparents’ home in Hamburg, 900km to the north. So they set out on a gruelling and uncertain journey across the devastated Fatherland, with hardship, hostility and danger their constant companions. Also accompanying them, initially from a distance, is Thomas (Kai Malina), a young Jew who time and again steps in to help the Dressler children. He also sparks Lore’s sexual awakening, though her attraction is in conflict with the anti-Semitic rhetoric to which she’s been subjected her whole life. In German with English subtitles and English.

Lore – Tuesday at 01.40am on FilmFour.