Film of the Day: Mary Poppins (1964)

Mary Poppins
Julie Andrews is unforgettable as Mary Poppins. Photo: Disney

The classic Disney adaptation of P. L. Travers’ beloved stories, starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke; Mary Poppins still has the charm to bing sunshine to any good rainy day.

In the spring of 1910, Mr Banks (David Tomlinson) returns home to find his children have run off, for the “fourth time that week,” so he places an advert for a strict no-nonsense nanny. The kids, Michael and Jane, write their own optimistic ad for a sweeter “perfect nanny”, but it is torn up and scattered into the fire when George Banks discovers it.

Shortly after, the mysterious and magical Mary Poppins (Andrews) appears and upends the family’s life never to be the same again. Poppins soon takes the kids on a magical tour, jumping into pavement drawings, dancing on rooftops and levitating towards ceilings, all with the assistance of Bert (Van Dyke), a busking chimney sweep with a… curious accent.


Mary Poppins – Saturday at 4.20pm on BBC One