Film of the Day: Maurice (1987)

James Wilby and Hugh Grant bring two of Forster’s greatest characters to life. Photo: Cinecom Pictures

Oscar-nominated adaptation of E.M. Forster’s semi-autobiographical novel from acclaimed director James Ivory. We follow the lives of three gay men in Edwardian Britain, whose lives and choices are shaped by the particular judgments, contexts and laws of the time.

In 1909, Maurice Hall (James Wilby) attends Cambridge University, and forms an intense bond with two men. The dashing and charismatic Clive Durham (Hugh Grant) quickly falls in love with Maurice, but the relationship faces a series of obstacles. 

As their lives progress, the two move in very different directions, and the film provides a moving account of what love meant for gay people at the time, and the universal heartache of love that never took shape. 

Also starring Ben Kingsley, Rupert Graves, Mark Tandy, Simon Callow and Billie Whitelaw.


Maurice – Tuesday at 11.10pm on Film4