Film of the day: Midnight Run

Midnight Run (Dennis Farina, centre)

Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin star in this brilliant comedy road movie. Directed by Martin Brest in 1988, the best way to describe Midnight Run is that it’s a back-to-front buddy movie that takes a pretty hackneyed story and makes it absolutely shine. De Niro is Jack Walsh a hard-nosed, foul-mouthed ex-cop who earns a crust as a bounty hunter, while Grodin is superbly underplayed as Jonathan Mardukas, a softly spoken Mafia accountant whose treaties of conscience to Walsh are among the funniest exchanges in the film.

The pair share a hilarious trip across country; avoiding the FBI and local law enforcement – because Walsh wants to collect a bounty; and avoiding the mob – because if they fall into their hands they’ll end up getting clipped. 

Strong comic support throughout comes from Yaphet Kotto as a frustrated FBI agent with anger management issues, Dennis Farina (pictured above, middle) as a brutal mob boss with anger management issues, John Ashton as a bungling rival bounty hunter with anger management issues  and Joe Pantoliano – well you get the picture, everyone’s angry and everyone’s against them. Enjoy the ride!

Midnight Run – Sunday at 10.00pm on Sony (Channel 232).