Film of the Day – Miss Perengrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

miss peregrine

Ransom Rigg’s fantasy novel, of the same name, is faithfully adapted in Tim Burton’s 2016 film; Miss Perengrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. The film, starring an all-star cast of Eva Green, Samuel L Jackson, Judi Dench and Rupert Everett, adopts a tone which focuses around the fantastical while also adopting a lot of aspects from the macabre – as per Burton’s direction.

The film picks up, focusing around the teenage protagonist, Jake, as he struggles to come to terms with a number of eerie and paranormal occurrences that he starts experiencing – a lot of the things he experiences are revealed to coincide with stories his Grandpa would tell him when his young. Under the advice of psychiatrist, following his Grandpa’s death, Jake visits an old orphanage originally owned by Miss Peregrine (Eva Green), a head-mistress with extraordinary abilities who seeks to give refuge to others of her kind: Peculiars – particularly the children. Finding the orphanage in disrepair after a luftwaffe air raid on the town in 1943, it seems as though any hope of closure are lost until a chance encounter with an eerily familiar group of children opens Jake’s eyes to a whole new world of the peculiars.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar CHildren – Saturday 6:40pm on Sky Cinema (Action).