Film of the day: Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa - Bob Hoskins - Robbie Coltrane

Neil Jordan’s excellent Oscar-nominated crime drama starring Bob Hoskins and Cathy Tyson.

Newly-released ex-con George (Hoskins), a small-time crook who took a fall for his bosses is back on the street but has discovered the life he left behind when he went inside has gone.

Reduced to working as a minder/driver for high-class call girl Simone (Tyson), he agrees to help find a young colleague from her seedy King’s Cross days. And that’s when his troubles really start. The more he shines a light on London’s grubby underbelly, the more pimps and crime bosses are willing to do to stop him. This gem of 80s British cinema also stars Michael Caine and the late Robbie Coltrane.

Mona Lisa – Wednesday at 01.10am on FilmFour.

Image: HandMade Films/Palace Production