Film of the Day: Monsters

Monsters starring Scoot McNairy

British director Gareth Edwards’ lauded ultra-low-budget sci-fi adventure-cum-romance stars Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy.

Six years after a NASA space probe containing samples of alien life crash-landed in northern Mexico, the extraterrestrials have flourished, growing into huge, dangerous creatures, making the territory up to the US border their own. The area, now called the Infected Zone, is visited only by the desperate and those with a death wish. Further south, in Central America, photojournalist Andrew Kaulder is instructed to urgently escort his wealthy boss’s daughter, Samantha Wynden, back to the States, where her fiancé awaits her. Kaulder grudgingly complies, taking her to a port in southern Mexico, whence she can catch a boat back home.

Monsters – Wednesday 1.15am on Film4