Film of the Day – More


Can you avoid growing up to become a monster when you are born into a world filled with them? “More” – Onur Saylak’s debut feature which is based on the Hakan Gunday’s 2013 novel of the same name – tells the gripping story of a boy growing up in a world where there’s no room for innocence. The film stars Hayat Van Eck as Gaza, a 14 year-old boy who helps his father traffic refugees from war-torn countries. Turgut Tuncalp and Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan also star. The film is in Turkish and Arabic with English subtitles.

Gaza is a teenager born on the Aegean coast in Turkey and was forced from a young age to help his father traffic refugees and asylum seekers from war-torn middle-eastern countries into mainland Europe. He dreams of finally escaping this brutal world or immorality, suffering and exploitation one day but finds himself being drawn further into it. Will he ever see an end to the suffering or will he, like so many before him, being sucked into this vicious cycle by the brutality of war.


More (Daha) – Wednesday 11:00pm on Sky Premier.