Film of the day – Mr & Mrs Smith

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie in Mr ad Mrs Smith

Imagine for a second there are these two high profile, super successful, stunningly good looking people who seemingly have it all – but have let their marriage grow stale, boring and resentful. Ringing any bells yet?

No? Okay. This super-fun Brangelina break-up precursor stars Hollywood’s favourite fueding/separated spouses (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) doing battle with automatic weapons, bottles, knives, fists, a barrel-load sexual chemistry and not a whiff of the formidably litigious Jolie legal team.

Brad and Ange play superspy/contract killers, each unaware of the other’s covert career choice, whose respective shady overseers hand down an assignment that will immediately terminate their marriage.

What follows is a lot of casual violence and some kickass fight set-pieces to determine who gets to keep the house, the cat and anything else that survives all the gun play and destruction. If only life could have imitated art, this would have been the divorce to die for.

Mr & Mrs Smith – Thursday 9.00pm on Comedy Central.


Photo: ©2005 Twentieth Century Fox. All rights reserved.