Film of the Day- Now You See Me

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco - Now You See Me

An impressive heist, Louis Leterrier’s thriller Now You See Me, is not your average bank robbery.

Four undiscovered, but incredibly talented and flashy magicians meet in a shady apartment in New York having been surreptitiously summoned – one year later they are the four Huntsman. Compiling of a street magician, Jesse Eisenberg, mind-reader and hypnotist, Woody Harrelson, escape artist, Isla Fisher, and a sleight-of-hand expert, Dave Franco, this foursome are less fantastic and more Machiavellian.

After an impressive first show in Las Vegas – in which an audience member, transported to their bank, was able to turn on a vacuum that showered the audience in real cash – The Huntsman not only baffled the audience but attracted the attention of the FBI, when the robbery turned out to be real.

Continuing with a series of heists covered by stage shows, FBI agent, Mark Ruffalo, always one step behind, seeks assistance from old timer, Morgan Freeman as they chase the ever disappearing Huntsman. When the world of magic reveals it’s as messy as politics, a clever twist brings insidious behaviour to the bright-lights of showbiz. 

Now You See Me, Tuesday, 9pm – Film4