Film of the Day – Pacific Rim: Uprising

Pacific Rim

John Boyega takes the reins from Idris Elba in this sequel to 2013’s action packed robot vs. monster sci-fi epic, donning the mantle of the film’s maverick protagonist, Jake Pentecost. After directing the original, Guillermo Del Torro takes on a smaller role as co-producer of the film, making way for Stephen S. Deknight to take on the directorial responsibilities.

Ten years after Stacker Pentecost sacrificed himself in the battle of the breach, his son, Jake – a once promising young Jaeger pilot – has since turned his back on his father’s legacy, now selling parts on the black market for a living instead. After he’s arrested during an altercation between two jaegers, Jake is enrolled back into the pilot training programme. However, after another breach is opened allowing three more Kaiju through, Jake and his inexperienced team must step up to plate and reciprocate his father’s heroics if they are to save humanity.

Pacific Rim: Uprising – Available as of Monday 30th on Sky Store.