Film of the Day – Paddington 2

paddington 2

Everyone’s favourite marmalade-loving bear is back for another big-screen adventure in the aptly named sequel to the character’s 2014 reboot: Paddington 2. Director Paul King retains his leadership over the modern reboot of the franchise while elsewhere, the film features an all star cast including Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, Julie Walters and Imelda Staunton. Ben Whishaw remains the voice of the lead role; Paddington.

After settling in to life with the Brown family, Paddington becomes something of a pillar of the local community; beloved by many and near enough infallible. While shopping around for a certain book, egotistical actor Phoenix Buchanan (Grant) steal said book and frames the young bear in his escape. Unable to prove his innocence with anything other than his word, Paddington finds his life spiralling out of control, relying on his charm and guile to help him through such a turbulent patch.


Paddington 2 – Available on Sky Store as of Monday 12th of March.