Film of the day: Passengers

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers

This stylish sci-fi drama stars Chris Pratt as Jim, an engineer, who is awoken from cryo sleep when the spaceship he shares with thousands of other sleeping colonists is hit by a catastrophic failure during a meteor shower.

The ship’s destination is a far-off planet called Homestead II, but instead of happily hibernating away before beginning a new life among the stars Jim finds himself the sole conscious occupant of a ship the size of a city. With 90 years to kill before the ship reaches journeys end, he struggles to hold on to his sanity – even with android barman Michael Sheen for company – and comes to the conclusion that only human companionship can save him.

But waking one of the other colonists consigns them to share his fate … dilemmas, dilemmas.

Passengers – from Friday 8 September on Sky Cinema Premiere and Sky Cinema On Demand