Film of the Day: Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)

Pitch Perfect 3
The Pitch Perfect cast reunite for the last film in the trilogy, with no less energy and jazz. Photo: Universal

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson return for more perfect harmonies and imperfect issues as they battle their way through another bout of competitive singing in the third musical comedy of the franchise. 

Two years on from their last singing competition, the Bellas have discovered that post-graduation life sucks with its jobs and reality and such. So, it doesn’t take much convincing from Aubrey (Anna Camp) to get the a-cappella-ing band back together. 

Then it’s off to Spain to entertain troops, get embroiled in a band-off, cause trouble, get offers to go solo and generally discover once and for all how weird it is that everybody else is better at the one thing that they do than they are at that thing. A-ca-scuse me?


Pitch Perfect 3 – Friday at 9pm on E4